Digital Sponsorships

    Digital Sponsorships add value to any sponsored campaign. One tweet from the NFL will reach twice the number of fans actually in the stadium.

    Digital sponsorships in the sports entertainment industry are rapidly growing in popularity for one reason: they leverage your return on investment. While sponsorships are no new strategy for generating revenue, the digitization of sponsorships is relatively new.

    The rise of the digital revolution created an opportunity to increase a sponsor’s audience reach from a local to a national level. For smaller businesses, the opportunity to interact with consumers from all over the world is hard to pass up.

    By sharing and promoting digital content across different social media platforms, sponsors will find that they can leverage their investment by engaging with millions of consumers. A well-executed digital sponsorship campaign can build brand awareness at a national level, engage with consumers nationwide, and add value to a sponsor’s investment in content creation.

    The advancements made on social media platforms in the past two years completely changed the game of digital sponsorships. Instead of engaging with the crowd present at the event, digital sponsorships engage millions of consumers nationwide. Placing a sponsor logo in an Instagram reel, TikTok, or Tweet will allow you to engage with customers for an infinite amount of time post-event.

    Successful digital sponsorship posts do not happen by chance. These campaigns require a developed strategy and plan to reach the potential high audience volume. When creating these plans, sponsors should ensure their rights holders target the right social media platforms for the desired message.

    Case Study

    Placing high-quality digital sponsorships on the right social media channel increases ROI and event engagement.

    College sports teams are using social media to interact with fans who aren’t present in the stadium more than ever since the pandemic. The D2 collegiate University of Tampa Lacrosse team uses its digital inventory to provide local businesses an opportunity to advertise organically through viral content.

    The University of Tampa is fully aware that a significant number of its supporters will never be able to see the team in person due to geographic restrictions. Additionally, UT wanted to provide these fans a genuine experience that would let them feel the intensity of the game, regardless of whether or not they were a part of the live audience

    For the 2021 season, Maverick partnered with the University of Tampa in an effort to address this issue. The University was able to raise its brand awareness to a national level which immediately proved successful. Although only 1,432 users were a part of the live stream, the content created surrounding the game day atmosphere reached over 80K+ viewers as highlighted in the video to the right.

    Digital sponsorships are the perfect solution for brands seeking a national audience. Sports sponsorships provide an opportunity to engage with passionate audiences in a very natural way, which may be the key to attracting the desired Gen Z audience.



    • ACCOUNTS REACHED: 80,928
    • IMPRESSIONS: 2,540
    • SHARES: 249

    Finding the perfect rights holder is crucial to a successful digital sponsorship post.

    The message each sponsor is trying to communicate is unique to its desired customer. Rights holders play a crucial role in executing a sponsor’s campaign strategy. It is the rights holder’s job to place digital advertisements on the right platforms for the post to succeed. Rights holders must be forward-thinking with the content attached to a digital sponsorship post.

    Normally, sponsors would create their digital content prepared for the digital partnership. The content creation process is one of the most important steps in digital sponsorships. The content that a company attaches to a digital sponsorship must be highly relevant and interesting to the fan base. If the content is sub-par, the post will perform at the same level.

    Maverick Sports Media takes the responsibility of content creation, editing, and posting off of the sponsor. We create high-level engaging content at the nexus of sports, entertainment, and culture by providing opportunities for sponsors to benefit from a fully integrated product experience.

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